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Why Hire A Lighting Company

• Do you want your guests to be “wow”’d as they enter the venue? Do you want them to leave thinking your event was the most memorable party they’ve ever attended? Beautiful flowers and decorations are important. But nothing will make your event rise above the others like elegant lighting will. And only true lighting professionals have the training to translate your dreams and visions into reality.

• No other event is worthy of the time, effort, stress and money you’ve invested. This is the one time to go all out and make sure you have no regrets when it’s over. When you see your venue decorated and beautifully lit, you’ll be glad you went the extra step.

• A good lighting designer can create moods and environments that are meaningful to you. If it’s your wedding, the day should be about you and your new spouse. Lighting can help support the themes of the day that make the party about you. Lighting can also help draw attention to a certain part of the room or help make a special moment stand out. Good dance floor lighting can be much more fun and dramatic than the equipment your DJ will provide.

• Your DJ says he/she can do “uplighting” in the room. That’s great. But that’s an extra expense that still doesn’t make your event stand out. There are too many DJ’s out there, and many of them provide this service to help them compete against other DJ’s. This means the service is not as unique as your event should be. If uplighting is all you want, a lighting company can do that more reliably and more theatrically than most DJ’s. If you want more, uplighting might still be a part of what we do, but we can go as far beyond uplighting as your dreams take you.

• If you choose your DJ or somebody other than a lighting professional to do your lighting, ask them how much power their equipment uses. Ask them if they know how much power is available at the venue. Do they have a plan to make sure they don’t trip a breaker, sending your party into darkness at the most important moment? If they can’t answer these questions confidently, beware.

• You might think a lighting company will be just one more thing to deal with during a stressful time. However, it’s just the opposite. A good lighting company will take all the stress off of you. We can turn an ordinary venue into something amazing. Whether you want the feel of the hottest club, an elegant gala, a moonlit beach, or the romantic spot where he proposed, lighting can transform your room into another time and place. And the right company will make sure you don’t have to worry about a thing.